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This Album Making Run Circles

Circles is one of those albums that needs to be listened to solely on the reason on how it was produced and the story behind it. As many of you know, Mac Miller passed away in 2018 and left the music scene in tears. He truly is someone who I admired because he always stayed real. After the album "Swimming" was complete, he continued to try and make new music. This album "Circles" is the continuation piece of "Swimming" and was suppose to complete the phrase Swimming in Circles. The album was in it's early stages and was completed by Jon Brion. That being said, I have a lot of thoughts about the album. Overall this album was really good. There are many great songs throughout the album but felt incomplete. This makes perfect sense since they probably didn't have a lot of vocals to work with. The songs that had the most vocals from Mac Miller had the most impact. The single "Good News" is not only one of the best from the album but one of his best in general. At the time I needed mental peace, this song was released and legit had me in tears. Malcolm always seemed to be relatable at certain points in my life. This album truly showed how he felt during this time in his life. This album is worth the listen and I'm happy that this album was finished. Not his best album but a great send off to a musical legend.


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