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Music Theme: Slime


Theme/genre: Slime

Q: What’s Slime you ask?

A: Homie, friend, simply put...a cool-ass person

A: According to XXL, Slime is..“Not to be confused with an elastic, sticky substance or the viscous, green glob that became a staple of Nickelodeon game shows years ago, slime is generally a synonym for a rapper's day ones or anyone else that’s part of their proverbial team. As an adjective, when used in its ‘slimy’ form, it can be a stand in for something extra street” Credit: XXL

The term ‘Slime’ means many things nowadays, but we’ll be focusing on its use within the hip-hop genre. One thing's for certain regardings its history...N.O.R.E introduced us to SLIME, no questions asked.

The first known/documented(?)use is in N.O.R.E’s 1999 “Blood Money Pt. 3” music video, he references the person that he’s ordering food from as ‘Slime.’ If you blink, you might just miss it! He followed up with his 2002 album God’s Favorite, which included tracks ”Hit Me Slime” and “Holla Back Slime.” To be clear, N.O.R.E. is the self-proclaimed ‘Slime Father,’ but the term has only grown with popularity from there, becoming so much more than just a word..

More recently, artists like Future, Young Thug, Gunna, Key Glock, Young Dolph,and Kodak Black to name a few have defined and redefined the ‘Slime’ moniker, carrying that slimy torch well into the year 2021...anything’s better than 2020, am I right!?

Allow me to ad-lib in saying that modern artists have described slime as something that is in YOU, but not everyone can be associated with this supreme definition of being not just one of the homies..but THEE homie.

Slime does not follow, slime leads. Whether it’s music, fashion, or any endeavor in’s not just a trend or’s a damn lifestyle. To quote Lil Keed, “It’s something that’s in you, not on you.”

Stay slimy and choose wisely,




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