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Empowerment Level: High

Jhené Aiko is an artist that I just discovered a few days ago and I'm blown away. I had to write this article about her especially with today being "International Woman's Day. Her lyrics are so thought provoking and carries a loud message. Granted I don't know anything about her previously before this album but I feel like I learned a lot about her. That's the power music has and she used it to voice out the person she is. One of the songs on the album is suppose to have been a freestyle and if that is true, then I give her a lot of props for being so real and genuine and putting that song on the album. The album is about an hour and some change long and it flows so good. She expresses a lot of different themes throughout especially her sexuality and her perspectives of how she lives her life. She tries to not let the negativity that surrounds her bring her down. She talks about how if she could fly, she would never come down to avoid the bull shit and confusion on the ground. This is something that so many people can relate with and give people advice to never let anything keep you down. Can I just say that she has an amazing voice as well throughout this album. It's a soothing sound that brings nothing but bliss. She shares that she wants people to keep going and see how far they have come. She was "born tired" and gets more tired but keeps going. This is someone who I strongly look up to already and I just got introduced to this a few days ago. The intro song "Lotus" is a great starter piece to this album and won me over. I don't think she has a bad song on this album to be honest. All of it is important and shares a piece of her perspective or her story. Throughout the album you want nothing but the best for her. This album gives the listener such an emotional response. I could relate to so many things about what she was singing about. She is truly a strong independent woman who was brave to share this side of her. I can't wait to hear more from her! Please let me know what you think via twitter or instagram.


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