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Music That Sticks

Spilled Milk is one of those EP's that is super short but still absolutely amazing. There is not one bad song on the EP in my opinion. Bas is a great artist that has a lot of range when it comes to his music. He is part of J Cole's group called Dreamville and that's how I discovered him. He has become one of my favorite Artists to listen to this year. Also had the pleasure to see him live twice and very soon a third time. Cole signed him to Dreamville and he released his first album in 2014. He gained a large following soon after and he continues to grow. Still a very underrated artist in my opinion. This is his most recent released work and he absolutely kills it with songs like Nirvana and Amnesia. DreamvilleFest is a huge concert they put out every year and will soon happen in Early April. We will most likely see him perform there as well as many big name artists. His music is very chill and catchy and highly recommend people to give his music a listen too.

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