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What We Do In The Shadows Review

This movie was quite the surprise. I feel blesses that we will soon cover this movie in the Knight Light: A Horror Movie Podcast. This movie was completely bonkers and was something I have never seen done. From the opening scene I was hooked with the type of movie I was about to see. This movie is right up my alley in the type of comedy this was going to be. A huge satire documentary about vampires and their night to night routine. It is dumb enough and smart enough to work really well. Taika Waititi is the best part of this movie. He absolutely kills it! He is a phenomenal actor and is also a great writer/director. His character was super entertaining to watch on screen and his direction and story telling was exceptional. For such a low budget they were able to work around it and tell a great story. The budget was 1.6 million and they still had pretty solid scenes with ok special effects that fit the movie. I can't say that this movie is perfect but it was a very entertaining watch. There are a lot of pacing issues that make this movie drag on. The musical score was pretty decent enough to carry a sense of tone throughout. The horror aspect of the movie was a little cheesy but also fits the tone of the movie. There was a great scene when they invited the two virgins and it felt like a legit horror movie. It did not have a great payoff though. I will not have any spoilers in this review since we will talk about it in depth in April. This movie was good enough to watch through and appreciate but I would not rewatch it. Stay tuned for the podcast episode in our Horror Comedy Month in April.


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