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Weekly Trailer Thoughts (Videos Included)

What an incredible week of trailers! There are three main trailers that I do want to talk about and share my excitement. This week was a cinephile's dream sneak peek into what 2023 has in store for movies. From animation, Sci-Fi and horror, we got enough sneak peeks for all audiences to get excited about. One movie that I didn't even hear anything about is 65, starring Adam Driver. I had no idea this movie was coming out and boy am I excited to watch it day one of release. Earlier this week we also got a small teaser for Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse before we ultimately got a full trailer yesterday. It was highly anticipated as not much has been shown. Coming off the huge success of the previous film, I do think it delivered on what we should expect in this new installment. Which brings me to the third trailer that just dropped today, Scream 6. With the reboot of the franchise with Scream 2022 this year, it was a great joy to hear that it got greenlit for another installment. Scream 6 is a movie in the franchise that releases early next year. I loved this trailer and what it has to offer. All three trailers made me really happy and below are my quick thoughts.

Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse has so much fan service in the trailer alone. We have so many great new Spider-Man characters that have never been on the big screen and that is worth getting excited for. Having a multiverse in this world they built, helps explore so much untouched territory. From the trailer, it looks like they are taking full advantage of that. Miles Morales had an incredible story in the first movie on how to become Spider-Man. This time it looks like they will focus on his character on more of a personal side of things. The beginning of the trailer we see him have a conversation with his mother. Many people on the internet are coming up with the theory that his father may pass away in this movie. The tone from the trailer does seem very dark at first. This might be the reason why the tone is so morbid and this might be the reason why. The conversation they have talks how he should remain who he is and protect that, is heart warming. I think that was the main highlight of the trailer. The lesson of balancing who he is as a person and being the hero the world needs. The animation of course looks incredible and looks like we will have so many different versions of the man in the suit that will have us smile. So many Easter eggs from the comics, video games and more. This is a fun trailer, but doesn't feel like they are selling as strong as the first movie. I still have a lot of hopes for this movie being awesome.

65 trailer is what has me the most excited this week. A movie, like I said, was never on my radar, but has quickly became one of my most anticipated movies of next year. It is directed by the two writers of the movie A Quiet Place. A movie that was super well written and told a very compelling story. They truly know how to make a good character driven movie. Seeing Adam Driver in the trailer, it seems that the writing seems strong and has a great tight script. We got a short teaser the day before the trailer release and it looked to be a monster movie, at first. Then the trailer dropped revealing so much of the story. We see that he has crashed landed on Earth 65 million years ago. We get to see an array of futuristic tech in a prehistoric world. Dinosaurs verses technology, who will win? Adam Driver looks like he takes the reins of the movie and it will really focus on his character's perspective. The trailer showed enough action and sequences to grab my attention, but doesn't spoil the plot. A survival movie that seems so unique and a fresh take. I love movies that only focus on a small cast of characters as well. This movie is also produced by Sam Raimi. Everything about this movie seems to be on track of something great, The dinosaurs looks great and so does the futuristic aspects as well.

This trailer won me over!

Scream 6 made by the same people who rebooted the franchise are back for more bloodshed and we get that in the new trailer. The new trailer shows the new beautiful location of New York. This is the biggest risk in the franchise in my opinion and I'm so happy they are taking it. There are so many possibilities in the Big Apple and they seem to be really utilizing the environment. Starting with a powerful scene on the subway on Halloween night. With an amazing line "In a city of millions, no one hears you scream", which really sets to tone of the movie. The New York environment is gonna play a huge part of the storytelling. This is also a great reference to the original Alien movie with it's tagline being "in space, no one can hear you scream". The city is packed and everyone is dressed up in costumes in the teaser. We see multiple ghost faces and that alone is terrifying. The cast is back and on edge, rightfully so. This movie shows that no one is safe and from what I heard, the movie is much more bloodier this time around. It was a short trailer, but enough to have all the fans excited. Ghost Face looks menacing and we are in for a ride. I would have loved to see Kirby for just a second, but I'm ok with her character reveal be in the movie and none of the trailers. Just another thing to look froward too. We are gonna have another trailer in the future, but this one really helped build that excitement.

Overall what a great week for trailers. These are just my quick thoughts. Make sure to check out the trailers down below!

Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse Movie Trailer:

65 Movie Trailer:

Scream 6 Movie Trailer:


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