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Tribeca Film Festival: NAMOO Review (Animated Short)

Namoo follows a tree of life of an artist from beginning to end and serves to be one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. This was made by Baobab studios who have done so many incredible animated shorts prior, with great storytelling. The art style is gorgeous to look at and hooked me in immediately. The music blends well with the tone of the story and allows me, the viewer, to know what type of emotions I should be feeling. In this 12 minute quick animated short, I got a well in-depth storyline. It starts off very quick in the the story telling at first, but then slows down at key moments of the characters life. This allowed me to process what I was witnessing, thus helping me really connect with the artist. This short remained in my thoughts all day after watching it. Namoo makes you really reflect on your own life and gives great perspective of what truly is important. The tree of life is not only able to branch out in so many different ways, but it can also be shared with a loved one. I thought that was a sentimental ideology. We collect all these memories and events in our life and that is beautifully represented here in this short.

As the tree holds strong, there are many moments where the tree suffers from some natural elements. Such as life, we often have this happen in our own lives. We all go through things in life that may seem unsurvivable, but in the end we can all make it through the storms that come by. I do appreciate that there was also a great symbolic moment of self healing. A visual representation of dealing with self care was powerful to me. Namoo blew every expectation I had going in. Life is not always about wasting time by over working ourselves. It showcases on the important things of life and people will come out of watching this by learning a lot. The story drives the necessary emotional punch that I am always looking for in a story. Death is sadly inevitable and we only have one life to live. I'm super glad that I was able to catch this one at the festival and highly recommend a lot people to go check it out! You will not be disappointed.

Rating: 9.5/10


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