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Tom and Jerry: Movie Review

TOM AND JERRY: Directed By Tim Story

Adaptation of the classic Hanna-Barbera property, which reveals how Tom and Jerry first meet and form their rivalry. (IMDB)

Tom and Jerry unfortunately misses the mark. I'm so sad to say that, being someone who has grown up watching the cartoon. I think where this movie unfortunately fails is that there isn't that much of a story that truly matters. In fact I think the story was very unfit for children. Chloe Grace Moretz is a fantastic actress that has been in so many great roles and has given extraordinary performances. Her character Kayla in Tom and Jerry seems to be very flat and unexciting unfortunately. Also she seems to get away with a lot of bad things such as stealing someone else's identity and resume to get a job. The character in my opinion wasn't written that well and Moretz was underused. To speak upon the cast in general, there is a lot of talent that are part of this cast and none of them were used properly. With an Allstar cast such as this, they should have hit a homer with this movie.

Tom and Jerry has a familiar plot with lack of originality. Our main charters Tom and Jerry are more extra characters that just cause random inconveniences to slow down the plot of the movie. For context the general plot of the movie is a famous couple getting married. That's it! Nothing more nothing less. What's included in this plot is Tom and Jerry being at the hotel where the wedding is going to be held, causing a bunch of disturbances. Although a kids movie, it seems that the people behind the movie had their intention set more on nostalgic value in mind. There are still several moments in this movie that does deliver great fan service to the Tom and Jerry fans out there. If this movie that were meant for the people who grew up with Tom and Jerry. Sadly it was too childish and had no adult themes to connect with. If this movie was meant for kids, it was too dumb down to respect kid's intelligence as well. The movie didn't really seem to know what it wanted to be or who the audience it was intended for. We know that there are movies that are able to serve both children and adults. Just look at the majority of all Pixar movies. There are stories that adults will understand and take value from and kids will also love it for it's fun adventure. Expecting a new Roger Rabbit of today's time, this movie just left me with poo jokes and lack of storytelling.

I did not hate this movie at all. I think I was just more disappointed than anything else. It was hard to sit there with the runtime being close to two hours. I do think this movie will be a hit for some people though. There is a lot of different elements that I did like. The ending is sadly predictable and we have seen this formula several times. There's a big event, something bad happens and the characters have to fix the problem. I was just wishing it was done in a better way. I do feel like there may have been a lot of studio hands in this movie. There seemed to be a lot of moments where they put in product placement and hit us over the head with the fan service. In my opinion they did not use the characters wisely nor did they pay tribute to the old cartoons. This was not the Tom and Jerry that I knew. I would love to hear all of your thoughts though. Did you all like this movie or did you not resonate with it as well? Hit me up on Twitter @FrederickNuti


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