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Things Will Be Different (SXSW Review)

Directed By: Michael Felker

Synopsis: When estranged siblings, Joseph and Sidney, rendezvous at a local diner after a close-call robbery, they hightail it to an abandoned farmhouse that transports them to a different time in order to escape the local cops. But when they try to return to their present after the coast is clear, an unknown metaphysical force cuts them off and maroons them on the land unless they do exactly what they're told. What comes from this not only bends the forces of spacetime but also bends Joe and Sid's familial bonds beyond the point of trust and forgiveness.

By far, two of my favorite genres is horror and sci-fi. When I'm presented with a horror and sci-fi flick, I get very excited. When it turns out that it's a well made movie, within those genres, I become very pleased. With Things Will Be Different, I was very pleased when I finished watching it. This movie is special in so many ways. Michael Felker directed this amazing movie that has some really great and interesting elements. There is this very creative way they go about telling a robbery story with a twist. There is enough sci-fi elements that will excite people and also please those who love a good thriller/horror flick. A robbery gone by story done in a whole new way! The creativity in this is astonishing. The movie doesn't seem to have a huge budget and it honestly didn't need it, to make this story happen. The two characters that we follow are Joseph and Sidney, who are siblings, that have to overcome so much together as they try to escape the cops after a robbery they committed. It's a movie about their relationship with one another, the trust they have with each another and how they deal with life. The actors, Adam David Thompson and Riley Dandy, really make these characters come to life. The movie relies on them carrying the entire story, by having the majority of the movie being dialogue driven. They played off each other super well and were compelling enough to make the movie feel grounded and realistic. They felt like a real brother and sister who are going through it.

The great thing about this movie is that it feels lived in. There is this time travel aspect to the movie that could have been seen as silly. Things Will Be Different tells this story in a very realistic fashion. As some people said before, time travel is complicated and can be confusing. The movie plays off on instructions of an unknown group, items and locations, on how the time travel works. I completely bought into it. We don't get some answers, but I just got enough to make everything make sense and not seem complicated. I specifically love the way they use a safe to talk to the future and past. A really awesome way that a lot of audiences will love to see, when watching this movie. If that didn't make sense, it's ok. I don't want to spoil anything about this movie. Going in blind is the best way to experience it. The movie is playful when both characters are interacting with each other, while they are waiting for time to pass on by. Then the movie takes situations seriously, when it needs to, as things start to go the wrong way for our main characters. This kept a very nice balance throughout the film. The great thing about this movie as well, is that it had a lot of great surprises throughout the film too. There was always an element that kept the story moving along and creating new obstacles that Joseph and Sidney had to get through. Each twist, ups the ante and then we get our big twist towards the end. It was a great reveal and I wanted even more. I do like how the movie ended as well, but I just wished we could have seen more of the big reveal and its purpose. Just because it was so engaging!

Things Will Be Different is an explosive film with many surprises that people will really enjoy. It's one of those films that can maybe sneak by people's radar and I hope it doesn't, because this was a fantastic watch. The acting was really great between Adam and Riley with great scripted lines that felt authentic. They are two very likable characters and I really wanted them to succeed in the movie. It reminded me of the movie Looper, a bit too. Could have been the time travel aspect and the farmhouse they were in. Regardless, this movie has its own ideas and tells the a story in a very creative way. I liked all the ideas they put into this movie and they all worked flawlessly. They were able to accomplish so much without going "big budget". You still get some amazing sci-fi moments and even some impressively shot action sequences. The movie had amazing pacing and always kept moving forward. Would love to see more of this world and other stories being told in this same way. Loved the concept and wanted to learn more by the end of it. This movie is incredible and I hope people go and check it out. I had goosebumps at the end and I'm sure those who seek this one out will too. Make sure to watch this as soon as it comes out.

Review: 90/100


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