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The Hunt: Rated R Hunger Games!

I just want to say that this movie made me super happy when it finally got a release date to go to theaters. This is a movie that got so much controversy last year for it's not so great plot. A movie about hunting people down of course would get the public talking and start up a argument if it should be shown. It was suppose to come out last year and it got put on hold because it was gonna release during some sensitive times. I agree that this movie did not have the best marketing for it but it should not have been silenced in my opinion. Many people work so hard to create a film and let alone be able to release it. I'm glad that this was just a temporary thing and we now have this movie in theaters. This movie has so many political statements in it for sure. I will not talk about them in this review. I will also try to keep this review as spoiler free as possible. The main premise of this movie is that a bunch of corporate assholes are hunting down normal people. Yeah this movie is pretty fucked up already. Without giving anything away, this is not the entire plot of this movie. It turns into something completely different. This movie has a lot of flaws and the main ratings for this movie is somewhere in the middle of trash and pretty good. I thought it was pretty good, for what it was for. The main character we follow is played by Betty Gilpin and she absolutely crushes it at her role in this movie. She is someone that you should definitely not mess around with and get on her bad side. Her acting was the best part of the movie and she has great charisma and comedic elements. This movie contains a lot of brutal moments but they add some humor in-between to have a good balance. The movie is very self aware of what it is and plays upon that. The last fight scene was the best scene in the movie. It was a great action scene in general. The cinematography and camera work in that action sequence made me smile in theaters. The screen writers Nick Cuse and Damon Lindelof simply said the last fight was like "John Wick in a Nancy Meyers movie". Which it totally felt like that. Director Craig Zobel did a great job with the movie in general and I'm happy his movie made it on the big screen. Due to the recent outbreak of the Corona Virus, the movie is not doing so good at the box office. This movie will be released on VOD soon and I recommend those interested, to check it out.


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