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The Blind Man That Did Not Want To See The Titanic: Full Review (SXSW)

International movies are often overlooked and also is a genre that seems to not be very popular. I do beg people to jump into these uncharted waters for there are so many great stories told. Especially since it's told in a different perspective than our own. This is very important and we can truly learn a lot from the perspective of a different lenses. For those who don’t travel, international films are a glimpse of a whole new world. They carry so much weight in the aspect of culture, religion, tradition and really transports the audience in the shoes of someone who is different. The beautiful thing about The Blind Man Who Did Not Want To See The Titanic, directed by Teemu Nikki, the movie puts us in a very particular character's world. Not only is this a international movie, but it takes us on an incredible journey with someone with accessibility needs. A story that is filled with inspiration, heartbreak and triumph! I'm really happy to have this be my first watch at SXSW Film Festival. This definitely made me start the festival strong.

Following our main protagonist, played by Petri Poikolainen, we as the audience witness the movie in a blurred vision. This was done with the camera techniques used in movie to make us relate to the main character. It allows us as the viewer to see very little of the surroundings. I thought this was a brilliant way to tell the story and introduced many moments of feeling like I was in the shoes of who we are following. I wanted to see what the character couldn’t and warn him about what’s in front of him. There’s so much tension that is built because of this and it served to be a great driving source of keeping me engaged. It without a doubt had me at the edge of my seat. The film style is something that i have not seen before in any other movie as well. It was done so masterful and I think people will really appreciate the purpose behind this. I love the direction and story they decided to tell and I think it’s an important one. Many people can get a lot out of this movie. There are many themes such as independence and overcoming obstacles in life. The story struck a chord with me and it really put some things about life into perspective.

The story takes us on a road trip like adventure. We are on a journey with him to meet his love interest. The conversations between the two are very heartwarming and endearing. Immediately feeling their connection, I wanted nothing more than having the two accomplish their mission of meeting each other. Following this character that is so affectionate, you can't help to root for him. Through the many obstacles he goes through in his journey, there is a sense of hope and strength. There were also moments that really made me feel uncomfortable. I invested myself in caring so much for this character, that I truly was panicking that something was going to go wrong. This movie is inspiring beyond anything I saw at this festival. A true emotional roller coaster.

Overall this movie was a slam dunk. The acting is phenomenal and is carried by an impressive lead performance. Accessibility is a topic that isn’t talked about too often. This movie brings a lot of things to light. One of the biggest things is overcoming these accessibility needs. People who are handicap should not be looked down on. The movie perfectly shows that and I think that’s a powerful lesson to be told. This is also a love letter to cinema and the connection we have with movies. A topic that really correlated with my life and if you are reading this, probably yours as well. The biggest driving force in the story is also about love and relationships told in a new/unique way. Without a doubt, this movie really blew me away and is one that many people should look out for.

Review: 84/100


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