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SXSW: Women is Losers Review

Women is Losers: Directed by Lissette Feliciano

In 1960s San Francisco, a once-promising catholic school girl, Celina Guerrera, sets out to rise above the oppression of poverty and invest in a future for herself that sets new precedents for the time. (IMDB Synopsis)

Women is Losers is about Celina played by Lorenza Izzo (Once Upon A Time in Hollywood) showcasing the struggles her character goes through during a select period of her life. The movie is completely self aware of itself and there are even scenes where they break the fourth wall and the main character Celina talks to the viewer directly. It is often playful in many of these scenes in the movie and delivers a lot of great comedy throughout. That being said, there are many moments where the events take you to a journey that takes a turn to the worse. Twists and turns this movie takes kept my interest and kept me engaged. We see innumerable amounts of terrible things happening to Celina and see how that changes her perspective and outlook on life. These events drive the story and lead her down a certain path in life that is done in a creative way. Lissette set this movie up in a way to talk on many important topics such as sexism, discrimination, human rights and many more thought provoking topics. We see Celina's perspective on all of them by having her directly talking into the camera at points, which makes sure the viewer realizes her viewpoints on a particular topic. Sometimes it did take away the impact of that was being shown on screen, but it allowed me as the viewer to be a part of her journey the way she saw it. This gave great depth on her character and made me better understand who she was as an individual.

This is a movie that tackles these great topics that are still very much relevant. These of course are issues that many women still tackle today. It is both an informative and emotional tale that we are shown through Celina's life. They're of course are a lot of hope and triumph that Celina goes through as well. It is her flight to moves her forward in her journey that brings this story so much life. Celina is a character that you are constantly rooting for and is someone that is very inspiring. She never gives up on her goals and we see her push through so many different obstacles and advisories. We are presented with various life lessons. They can be taken out and give such great importance to many people and that I felt carried a lot of weight. Unfortunately there are moments that felt a little rushed. Also there were scenes that felt overbearing with its subject matter. Although breaking the fourth wall was a useful tactic to tell the story, it felt that they were just giving me the information by spoon feeding me, rather than showcasing it on the screen. This still did not take away the enjoyment of this movie, but took me out of the movie personally. I rather have the movie just show me rather than tell me at some of the more crucial points of the movie.

Overall this movie was such a fun watch and I thought it was carried beautifully through the perspective of Celina. It's a story that will hopefully inspire many women to always push through the boundaries and never give up. You will experience countless moments of heartbreak within this runtime and I wish we lived in a better world that isn't so similar to this world portrayed in the movie. There is still a need for improvement and there is a long way to go. Women is Losers helps portray this vision in its story and perfectly represents some of the struggles we see today. Storytelling could have used more exposition for some scenes, but overall everything flowed very well. This was such a fun watch during my first day at SXSW and I was happy that I was able to watch this. Make sure to check this one out when it becomes available.


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