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SXSW: Potato Dreams of America

Potato Dreams of America: Directed By Wes Hurley

An autobiographical dark comedy about a gay boy growing up in the Soviet Union, his mail-order bride mother and their adventurous escape to America. (IMDB Synopsis)

Potato Dreams of America starts off with a title card that expresses that this movie is based some actual events. After the movie was over I was amazed and filled with so much joy knowing that some of these events actually did indeed happened. As the synopsis says it's based on the story of writer and director of this movie, Wes Hurley. From the very first scenes, I immediately could tell that this movie was a passion project and that illuminated through the screen with its amazing story telling. The movie follows Potato played by Tyler Bocock, who absolutely nailed the role and brought so much charm. Follows through a series of events that happened during his early childhood, trying to figure out his own identity. A coming of age story mixed with a drama comedy is the only way I can describe it. We see so much growth and character development most likely because we see that its based on someone's real life, being the director. Comedy is woven in this story of finding acceptance in the world and it mixes very well with otherwise traumatic scenes that would haunt anyone. We see the character's story progress and bloom into something beautiful from their time in Russia to America.

Potato's journey is a very unique. At the same time it is also very relatable to some degree. I believe it will connect a lot of dots to many people who watch this movie. We get introduced to Potato in many stages of his life, mainly as a child in Russia and as a young adult in America. The movie helps paint a picture on the major differences in culture these two countries have. I was easily able to understand the stakes that are in play and what they have to sacrifice in order to keep what they have. Potato Dreams of America is filled with many comedic elements and suspenseful opposition that had me engaged. I loved Potato throughout his journey of finding out who he is and not being ashamed for it. He continued to progress and discover more about himself constantly. I got a good look at who he is as a person and understood his mindset. I left watching this movie with so much knowledge of Potato and his mother. It was like unveiling a glimpse of their life that we don't really get in other movies. You get a real understanding of who these people are and all of the performances felt real.

Finding out who you are and finding people around you who accept you is extremely crucial in our own lives. Seeing the director's life played out in this movie will help those who feel lost and find common ground. That fact is, Potato Dreams of America moved me so much. It's hilarious and had me laughing out loud and also gave me a new perspective on life. This is absolutely a hidden gem that I think a lot of people are not fully talking about as much at the festival. The ending was one of the most satisfying endings as well for it just came full circle of what the intentions of the director were. A passion project that delivered perfect story telling on a very unique journey that will resonate with people. Should be on people's radar when it is released. Please check this one out when you can.


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