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SXSW: Executive Order Review

Executive Order: Directed By Lázaro Ramos

In a dystopian near future in Brazil, an authoritarian government orders all citizens of African descent to move to Africa - creating chaos, protests, and an underground resistance movement that inspires the nation. (IMDB Synopsis)

One of the first movies that I was able to cover was Executive Order and it still remains to live in my head. A movie that shows many parallels to the real world that we live in. Especially with the Black Lives Matter movement of 2020 and the ongoing struggles. This movie is simply amazing. Though it is not perfect and suffers some pacing issues, it hits the mark in a lot of its story telling. Strongest part of Executive Order is the delivery of story telling itself and how it is laid out. We see many events happen in this movie and it is able to drive a compelling and believable world that the viewer is thrown into. This setting was brutal, racist and plainly cruel for the most part. We see that there is a order put in place that makes everyone in Brazil, of African decent, to get deported and sent "back" to Africa. The government is corrupt and unjust to say the least and we that very clear from the beginning of the movie. Through beautiful performances by the entire cast we go on this journey of survival and the fight for justice.

Executive Order is not gloomy nor does it feel to somber to watch. Although there are a lot of intense and emotional scenes, the movie has a lot of charm and humor as well. This keeps the movie very well balanced to be both entertaining and empowering with its message. You get a deep dive into multiple characters and their experience of what is happening in the country. It is told in the perspective of multiple people and other outlets to paint a full picture of how this order is effecting individuals. One of my favorite scenes in this movie is when we see a cell phone recording of a speech about the injustice and it goes viral. The movie is able to show scenes like this that is absolutely realistic of how things would be played out in today's society. Although this movie is based in a dystopian future, it is very much is a warning of what could happen in our world. Executive Order is a powerful movie about being against racism and standing up for the injustice in the world. We see humanity in a dark light and also see glimpses of hope in this movie as well. Lázaro Ramos was able to make a movie that conveys that very powerful message and also made an overall entertaining movie.

Executive Order is a drama that will have you think about all the current events that is happening. It shines the light on what the future could look like if we don't take a stand together. It conveys powerful messages, yet it is done in a way where you will both feel sad and happy in many different moments. The movie leaves you wanting more. The ending is satisfying and leaves you feeling happy for the main character, but there is not a solid resolve. If you are looking for a good movie that hits you on multiple emotions, look no further. Everyone in this movie brought their "A" game. Each character is charismatic and likable and brings something to the table. There are some pacing issues and it falls into some trouble with overused tropes, but it is easy to look past. I highly recommend people to check this one out when it becomes available.


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