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Something Worth Seeing

This movie was a great surprise for me this year. I will have to be really honest. My first impression of this movie was that I thought it was gonna be really bad. I did not like what I saw in the trailer. I felt that the studio was just trying to have another cash grab on a concept we have already seen. I'm so delighted to say that this movie was super entertaining and even shocked me several times throughout. There is so much to love about this movie! The cinematography and camera work was so well done that it added to the suspense in the movie. The camera pans several times to a corner of the room that we don't really see anything there but the camera seems to know something. It is such a great movie trick that was not over done as well. The musical score and sound mixing were amazing too! Such dreadful music mixed in with some great environmental elements like waves crashing on the shore made it work perfectly with the movie's feel. The music and sounds gave a sense of danger that helped elevate the viewers anxiety. Elisabeth Moss had a killer performance as well! You truly believe that she's mentally breaking down throughout the movie. I will say that the trailer did ruin some of the twists and if you haven't seen the trailer, don't. There are still so many surprises in the movie though that was not spoiled which is amazing. I strongly suggest checking this movie out in XD or IMAX just for the sound alone. Let me know what all of you think about this movie!


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