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She-Hulk (Full Review)

Marvel has been releasing so much content this year and they do not plan to stop now. One thing is for sure, the fans are still as engaged as ever. The huge conversation that is being talked about right now is She-Hulk, that just released on Disney+. On the critic side of things, people seem to love the show and I have to agree. At the same time it is being reviewed bombed on IMDB. This has happened before with Eternals. This is something that seems to be happening often now. This is why I really want to give my two cents, even though there is only one episode out currently. She-Hulk is amazing so far and it provides something new and refreshing that we need in the MCU. The people who are review bombing it are awful and I will explain why this show is so great.

She-Hulk as a character is incredible. The incredible Hulk you may say. From the start of the show, you get introduced to the tone of how the show will play out. The actress Tatiana Maslany, who plays She-Hulk, is charming, witty, hilarious and a total badass. Once I heard the first 4th wall break in the opening scene, I knew this show will bring something new to the Marvel universe. By having a character talk to the audience, we are now part of the story. I’ve become part of her character journey and get looped into information that the characters in the show aren’t privileged to. From what we saw from the trailer, the actually show has had some major improvements to the special effects. It doesn’t look perfect, but it looks good enough to pass anyone’s concerns about it. They tend to listen to the audience and make sure they adress any issues that the show may have.

The first episode really sets the stage of her character introduction without going too deep into an origin story. Episode one gets set up properly, to just jump into what the season is going to be about. A necessary and yet hilarious episode. The dynamic between her character and the Bruce Banner is the duo team we need. The back and forth comedy lines hit every single time. There is a large amount of humor that just works and it was great to see it. That being said, I do hope that the humor doesn’t get over done. Especially when more serious things get brought up in the series. I do worry that they will go with this direction with Daredevil, who is being reintroduced in this series. I loved the Netflix adaptation and hope they keep this tone. Regardless, this is her series and I hope the season stays on her perspective. I’m happy to say that the show also brings up very important topics about women and the fear they have in the world. I can tell that this show will be very empowering to a lot of women and tell really important lessons. This is why I appreciate MCU and telling important stories people need to hear.

Overall She-Hulk episode one has won me overall and I will be checking out each new episode as it comes out. It seems to have a lot of heart, which I love. I can’t wait to see where this show will go and how she will interact with the characters we know are in the show. Marvel has always known how to tell incredible stories and this is no exception. I’m also glad they fixed a lot of the concerns some people had with the trailer, such as the special effects. It does have some social commentary, but done in a very respectful and important way. She-Hulk doesn’t take any smack from anyone and that’s how it should be. So, for all the haters out there reading this, know that this show isn’t meant to be appealing for everyone, but it’s a well done story. I loved this episode and her introduction to the MCU. I think she will really become a crowd favorite. This show alone is worth the subscription for Disney+. Highly recommend this one.



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