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Run! Movie Review

Run is a movie directed by Aneesh Chaganty and stars Sarah Paulson (Glass) and Kiera Allen (Ethan & Skye). It’s about a girl who is home schooled by her mother and starts to think that her mom is hiding something. She happens to have a long list of illnesses and is in a wheelchair. She takes several pills a day as her daily routine. This movie was just released November 20th 2020 and streaming exclusively with Hulu. It was suppose to release on Mother’s Day which would have been a fitting choice. The director made the beloved movie Searching (2018), which made many people anticipating this movie to be great!

This movie has a lot of great elements and overall I really liked this movie! The main reason why this movie is pretty awesome, is because of Kiera Allen’s performance. She’s a very well written character and developed really well in this movie. You see a lot of character progression in this movie and she delivers it with ease. You are constantly rooting for her and the character she plays. There is also a lot of great use of tension and pacing throughout this movie. I was impressed by the pacing for a lot happens in this movie but it doesn’t seem rushed. The twist in this movie is revealed pretty early which is fine but the tension soon unraveled. There are also moments in this movie where some of the payoffs seem a little bland and didn’t have a huge emotional impact. Overall the filmmaking of this movie was pretty well done. Not a crazy amount of attention to detail with the camera work but it executed well enough to be enjoyable.

My overall thoughts! I think this is a fun movie that isn’t perfect but worth the watch. If you like a suspenseful movies told in a creative way, you will like this movie. For me I think this will be just a one time watch. Although it’s cool and fun, it also wasn’t groundbreaking or stands out. The great thing is that you don’t have to go to the theaters to even watch it. If you have a Hulu account, I recommend checking this one out!


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