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Promising Young Woman: Quick Review

This movie was suggested to me several times by many people within the community. Thank god I had the time to watch this film because it is very good. Honestly this movie was not what I expected going in, but it left me completely satisfied. From the trailers, my conclusion was that she was killing these terrible men that took advantage of her. What I got out of this movie was so much better. The horrible reality we live in is that we live in a world where women are constantly taken advantage of. We hear about it in the news, stories, our peers or even have lived through it. This movie is the sort of revenge story that is well needed to spread this kind of message! Who better to deliver this message than non other, Carey Mulligan, who continues to be a powerhouse actress. She is immediately someone who you want to root for in this movie. Carey Mulligan has so much range and it is portrayed beautifully in this film. With the tag line being "Revenge never looked so promising", I would have to agree. The movie is slow paced at times, but by the end, it has such a great story weaved into it that delivers an amazing payoff! Promising Young Woman will leave you thinking about it for days. Movie contains a lot of emotion and is has some often brutal moments at times, which may be hard for some people to watch. With that warning being said, the movie is worth the watch. Perfect movie for people who like dramas, horror and those who like twist endings. I could not recommend this movie enough. It is currently showing in select theaters, but will be releasing to VOD later this week for rent!


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