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No Ones Laughing Joker

Well this movie is like getting punched in the stomach and you are ok with it. This movie gives you such a wild ride when watching it. You know that a movie did a good when you feel bad for the villain. The best villains in the movies are the ones that we understand how they got to that point. We go on a incredible journey in Joker and see how society beat down a regular person so bad that he ultimately had enough. Joaquin Phoenix deserved the Oscar for best actor because he absolutely transformed himself into this character. Everyone should see this movie based on the performance by itself. The direction and cinematography should also be celebrated in this movie. Great story telling and beautiful shots out of a painting. The musical score felt so gritty and heart wrenching. The music gave the movie emotion and told a story of how the character was feeling at that moment in time. Hats go off to Todd Phillips from going from the "Hangover" movies to such great piece of Cinema. Batman fans would also be happy to see all the hidden easter eggs and call outs. There seems to be a sequel in the works and I can't wait to see what happens next!


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