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Monkey Man Trailer Showcases The Brute Force of Action To Be Seen!

Monkey Man releases April 5th in theaters! Dev Patel has his directorial debut in this movie and even stars in it. A true action flick that will blow people's minds! The newest trailer just released and can be seen below!

Today released the newest trailer for Monkey Man, which showcases some of the great action pieces that this movie has to offer. The newest trailer gives us more information about the story and plot, but also shows us some glimpses of the action we are to expect in the movie itself. We see our action hero not only kick butt, but show that he is vulnerable and gets pretty beat up himself in this trailer. Really showing off that this will be showing an underdog story, of someone who is trying to get revenge for his family. We can feel the emotional journey of his character in this trailer. Also seeing how far he will go to accomplish his goal. The trailer shows off his training, fighting skills and confrontations he must face. We get that he is motivated by all means, in his journey of revenge.

Synopsis: An anonymous young man unleashes a campaign of vengeance against the corrupt leaders who murdered his mother and continue to systemically victimize the poor and powerless.

The new trailer even showcases highlights from critics calling the movie "A Massive Cinematic Achievement". Others saying "It Will Knock You The Fuck Out". Truly highlighting its style, editing and action. The trailer really shows the beauty of the filmmaking and cinematography. The movie is filled with great shots and camera movement. Even shows that the movie will be story driven, with Screen Rant even saying "Full of Pulsating Emotion". Dev Patel excels in his performance in this movie and the trailer really shows that. So many different emotions will be felt, when watching this movie. Monkey Man needs to be seen with a crowd. I was lucky enough to be at the premiere of Monkey Man at SXSW. There was even a standing ovation for the movie. It will be a crowd pleasure, without a doubt. Make sure to check this new trailer out, because it truly delivers exactly what the movie promises.


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