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Miami Film Festival: The Pink Cloud (Review)

THE PINK CLOUD: Directed By Iuli Gerbase

After a toxic and mysterious pink cloud appeared, Giovana finds herself stuck in a flat with a man she just met, changing her life in a way she never expected. (IMDB)

Similarities of this movie and what we are currently dealing with Covid-19 is mind blowing. Granted the movie even states at the vey beginning that it was filmed in 2019 before Coronavirus was a thing. Of course the main difference being a toxic cloud killing people within ten seconds is outside rather than a virus spreading from person to person. The similarities really come from the lockdown structure of the film. I have been in technically two lockdown in the San Francisco Bay Area and was able to relate to these characters very much. From the consistent need to find an activity to do, finding a way to rethink the way you work to even online virtual dating. I'm a perfect example who has done all of those things. That relation to these things only make the movie have a bigger impact. No matter what I think the viewer will be able to obtain something from this movie.

What the movie does really well, is being able to center the focus on these two individuals, Giovana and Yago, who are going through this lockdown. Both actors give a great performance. The Pink Cloud has a stunning score that helps drive the mood of the movie and really tells the viewer how they should be feeling in each scene. Another great thing we get in this movie is the glimpses of how it is effecting other people as well, not only the couple. We see the actions of the neighbors, friends and family on zoom calls and a whole digital dating environment filled with lonely lovers. This is something that is well needed to build upon the world around them. The Pink Cloud also shows us how people receive food supply or even how people even get a doctor's visit. All important elements to set the stage of the world they are living in. The movie is filled with rich dialogue that helps further understand who these individuals are and what these characters are going through. Seeing the inner workings on how they feel about the situation, helps us understand their opposition with each other are. Their fighting makes sense and so do the times were they show affection. There is always a sense of purpose with the actions they do within the apartment. We see how it effects the relationship with one another and the things they do to keep sane.

This movie has a lot to love and there are many moments you can relate to. Even if you feel like you can't relate to the characters based on the lockdown, you can still find something to relate to about their relationship, family dynamics and even their own daily hobbies. We see two very different characters in this movie put in a not so pleasant situation. That alone is a great concept and the pink cloud keeping them there allows extra layers. We may relate to the feeling that there is an outside force that keeps a relationship going or not. Overall this movie was a joy to watch and I would like for more people to go and check it out. It may be a little gloom for some people to watch, but it has a lot of take aways from it as well. The one thing I don't like is the open ending with one of the characters. I would have liked it to tie everything up in a nice bow at the end, but that's not real life. I understand why the ending was the way it is. If anything it just left me wanting more which is great. Make sure to follow along with the Miami Film Festival coverage in the category section!


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