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Me Time (Full Review)

Kevin Hart is really pumping these Netflix movies out so often that I feel like he is starting to do too much. The budget for this film seemed unequivocally small from the low-quality CG animation to the poorly written dialogue and mediocre script. It makes you wonder how long director John Hamburg (Meet the Parents, I Love You, Man) really thought this movie through. If they had only narrowed down the focus to maybe just the best friend dynamic, or the stay-at-home father aspect of the film, then maybe this could have fared better.

Sonny, Kevin Hart, and his best friend Huck, Mark Wahlburg, used to do everything together when they were growing up. As adults, Sonny got married and had kids, while Huck remained single and continued on his own journey doing exciting and more extreme experiences. Their diverging lives caused a lot of changes in their friendship, and although Huck would always want to reach out to Sonny to stay in touch; Sonny would always blow him off. Sonny is more interested in being the ideal family man, and that causes him to stagnate. Regina Hall, who plays Maya, Sonny’s wife, is also the breadwinner of their family, which allows Sonny to be a stay-at-home father and be enriched in his children’s lives. Sonny and Maya plan to take their children on a spring break vacation together, but Maya suggests that she go with the kids on her own to let Sonny have some alone time, and so she can have some alone time with the kids since she works so much. Later, Sonny is able to link back up with his best friend Huck and from there the shenanigans ensue.

This film starts off well enough with Sonny getting a chance to find himself back in his old friendship, but begins to lose a lot of focus early on. As I watched, it became apparent that there were too many ideas being thrown at the screen creating a messy plot that felt completely uninspired. At one point the movie seemed like it would be about Sonny regaining his friendship with Huck, then it became about Sonny and Maya’s family and their internal struggles. Then it was about Maya and her coworker, Armando, and if they are having an affair, then the kids, and so on and so on. There were so many different plot threads that the messaging of the film blurred, and left me wondering what was for dinner. Not to mention the comedy aspect, of which maybe I laughed once or twice at the jokes leaving other comedic moments childish, or just simply uncharacteristically dull. The film tries so hard to make you care about the characters and their struggles, but felt like it took an unpaved road to get there.

Me Time really doesn’t have a lot going for it unfortunately. With so much happening on screen, and so many ‘lessons’ getting thrown at us, the viewer, it just made it difficult to care about any of them. If you don’t like the playful and sillier side of Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlburg, then I’m sure you will fall off this movie just as quickly as I did. I didn’t feel like the film was completely terrible, but it just felt unnecessary. If you really don’t have anything else to watch during the weekend, or you need some background noise, then go right ahead and put this film on while you’re cleaning or something.

Reviewed By: Dimitreus Newell



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