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Luzzu Review

There is always a time where a movie comes out that isn’t in your face, yet holds so many messages within its story. These simplistic storylines can often be the bread and butter of the type of movies that I love and adore. The more grounded the story is, the more relatable it becomes. Many people can relate to these type of stories and take many valuable lessons out of them. With Luzzu, directed by Alex Camilleri, we get such a story where I instantly fell in love. It is about a man named Filip, played by Filip Sertic, and how his life must change in order to provide for his family. The ultimate sacrifice of losing something you love doing for something you love even more. A very different movie, but one that I can make an easy comparison too, is La La Land. The fight between your passion versus the people you love and care for. Often in life we have to sacrifice many hobbies, passions, jobs and much more, in order to do what is right in life. That’s what makes this movie so beautiful. It contains such a story that it stays with you long past its runtime. This movie is both a passion project and a lesson the director wanted to tell the audience.

Luzzo is about an ordinary man’s life and the struggles he goes through in a short period of time. There are many themes such as family relationships, following your dreams and doing the responsible thing in life. Everyone in this movie has very subtle, but very strong performance. While watching this movie, you can’t help to be fully involved in the character’s affairs and what they are going through. Empathy is the word that comes to mind while I watched this. It made me fully invested in the characters. As a viewer you are teleported into their lives and you feel like you know them on a deep level. When a movie is able to connect the audience to the characters like that, it shows the the script is perfect. The runtime itself is not long, but you feel like you have gone on a very immersive journey with these characters. This movie is also stunning and beautiful to look at. The cinematography brings a personal touch to the story and how we view these moments in their life. I did really appreciate the conversation about change as well. The character of Filip had to make a lot of big changes in his life in a very short period of time. The argument that change is without a doubt inevitable, is told in such a great and beautiful way. I found it compelling to the story and many viewers will take this lesson to heart.

Overall I cannot praise Luzzu enough! This movie is beautiful for its valuable lessons and how the story is told. Our lives begin and end very differently. Even a two week period can change our lives drastically. Even though we have to sacrifice some of the things we have to do in life, we can still hold onto it in some form. I think that’s one of the biggest take aways from this movie. It gives people the idea that even when we lose something, it doesn’t mean its gone forever. We see this great ending sequence of seeing Felip doing a different way of what he used to love to do. No matter what life throws at us, there is always a silver lining of making something work out. It truly is a great story about relationships of the people around us as well. Please check this movie out. This is now currently streaming on Mubi.

Score: 88/100

Images Courtesy of Kino Lorber


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