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Lucky: Movie Review

LUCKY Directed By: Natasha Kermani

A suburban woman fights to be believed as she finds herself stalked by a threatening figure who returns to her house night after night. When she can't get help from those around her, she is forced to take matters into her own hands. (IMDB Synopsis)

Lucky is a brilliant film that was just released recently on arguably the best streaming platform, Shudder. It stars Brea Grant and Dhruv Uday Singh, a couple who are plagued by a mysterious killer that comes into their home every night. In reality the killer really just goes after May Ryer played by Brea Grant. I do want to say that Brea Grant has been killing it a lot lately. Within a short amount of time she has directed her own movie "12 Hour Shift", starred in "The Stylist" and wrote/starred in this movie. She is a true powerhouse, who continues to be incredible in this character. As we see her constantly fighting for her life and trying to get help from others, we get a huge sense of dread for her. She is constantly on her own and always fearing for her life dealing with this attacker that has no clear intentions. It is done in a matter that is so clever and so original. I can easily say that I have never seen a suspense thriller such as this.

Let's talk about this killer. A person wearing a mask that mainly uses a knife and other household, easily obtainable items to try and kill her. He comes more often at night, which everyone seems to tell her is the most common time. Later on the movie shows that this monster can also show up in other places, even in the day in places such as a parking garage, a friend's house and more. If you look closely at the mask design you can also see a hidden name written on it. This killer stays anonymous for the most part for the entire movie. This was done for a very particular purpose. May is able to defend herself, no thanks to others, but is constantly getting hurt along the way. She is always facing this threat alone. Brea brings such an amazing performance that you are constantly rooting for her and want her to succeed and survive every encounter. There is a good amount of seeding throughout this movie that gives the viewer clues of what is really going on and what the deeper meaning of this movie really is.

Let's talk about the deeper meaning of this movie. This movie is about abuse and how women can be attacked at any point and time. That there is a constant fear that most women go through living their lives. That it can happen in your own home, a friend's house or even when you're leaving work. We get this amazing sequence in a parking garage that showcases this theme with other characters. This scene is very impactful and I will not spoil it here in this review. May says these hard powerful lines that holds a lot of weight. It is the constant struggle of what women have to go through. That there is no stopping it and it's never gonna end. It is absolutely heartbreaking. To speak of the ending, we do get a reveal of who the killer is and it's a mind fuck to best degree. It makes perfect sense and ties up the story very well. If anything this is like a messed up fairy tale teaching people about the messed up reality we live in. The fact that many women feel scared for their lives and feel alone is very sad. This is a great movie to bring up this important topic and have people talk about it. There is also a very powerful scene where someone calls her lucky. She says luck has nothing to do with it, that all her long hours and hard work is what got her that accomplishment. I found that scene to be so inspiring. There are also many moments where there are gender dynamics in play when someone achieves something. Don't ever downplay someone's hard work on luck. The topic of being lucky is also seen when she talks to people about her traumatic experiences. It's like they are not taking her story serious and just playing it off and not giving her useful advice or doing anything to help her out.

This is a really awesome movie that I think a lot of people will enjoy. There needs to be more movies like this, that aren't afraid to bring up these type of topics. I can not say enough that Brea Grant has been doing a fantastic job in the movies she has helped create. Natasha Kermani did such a great job at bringing this story to life and provided some bad ass action scenes as well. Like I said, this movie is currently streaming on Shudder. Shudder has been putting out fantastic originals with this one included. If you aren't a member, you can also get a week free trial. This is not a paid promotion. I highly recommend this movie who like psychological thrillers. Not your average slasher movie and you should not expect this movie to play into that sub genre.


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