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Loadout: Guns Akimbo!!!

Can I just say that I’m super happy that I ended up watching this movie. It’s for sure not perfect in any sense but it is a really enjoyable and fun movie. This is one of those off the walls, crazy, adrenaline driven type movies. It was a total rollercoaster and I would definitely watch this movie again. It has a lot of cool creative moments and was a fresh creative story. This has a lot of the elements from the movie "Nerve" and "Gamer". It is a head to head match against two real people battling to the death, live online. This movie contains one of my favorite actresses in the game Samara Weaving. She was the main scream queen from last years movie "Ready or Not" and she plays Nix, a badass killing machine, in this movie. Nix is the number one reining champion in this game called Skizm, a popular live action game viewed online. I'm super happy this movie also starred Daniel Radcliffe in this movie. The fact that he continues to find these smaller indie movies and do well in them, makes me smile. He is such a great character in this movie playing Miles, a internet troll. He trolled the wrong person while watching this game online and becomes the next victim player to fight against Nix. That's not all, they also screw on pistols on each of his hands. This made for a clever dynamic and made a very serious outcome very humorous. This movie had a really good balance with intense moments, humor, and action. There are a few nice surprises throughout the movie which I really liked. At times the action did become a little cheesy and the plot was predictable, but overall it landed more than it fell. I wish the villain was a lot better though. That's the main thing that brought this movie down for me. He did absolutely nothing for me and they could have done a better job with that character. Overall the enjoyment is there when watching this movie. I would suggest giving this move a chance based on its wild premise alone. It took a chance and director Jason Lei Howden did a great job. He comes from a huge background on visual effects on some big movies and you can tell in this one. Can't wait to see more from this guy behind the director's chair.


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