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Jackass Forever (Early Review)

The Jackass franchise has been very strong since the show started in the year 2000! After 20 plus years, we finally get the fourth installment in the movie lineup of these crazy sons of bitches. Jackass Forever brings the same jokes in a new and refreshing way. It seems to follow the new formula other movies have been taking. The movie brings all the legacy crew members with some new faces along for the ride. Of course there are the amazing cameos of several familiar celebrity faces that join in on the fun as well. The movie is filled to the brim with many new stunts and some old classics. There is a sense of familiarity with this movie, but if the old stuff works, why change it. If anything they were able to enhance the stunts with these new faces and make things on a bigger scale. The action is humongous and the pain is delivered excruciatingly to every member of the cast. Even the crew members behind the camera were not protected from the chaos of the stunts. Jackass Forever stands tall within the franchise and blew my expectations away. I don’t think I laughed that hard in a movie theater in a very long time.

The crew is back and they are going balls to the wall harder than ever before. These guys are indestructible and they really test their limits in these new stunts. Every stunt they do, you can’t help to want to close your eyes. Disgusting, horrific, ball busting and bloody sadistic scenes back to back for our viewing pleasure. Johnny Knoxville leads the charge. There is a reason why he is leader of the team and he continues to prove himself. He shows a lot of leadership and is able to still keep up with the new team. The rest of the legacy characters really pulled themselves back in the mode of bringing on the pain too. The beautiful thing that I did not expect is the new cast. These new people are incredible and they are full game for the Jackass world they got themselves in. They can keep up with this wild bunch and I did not think there would be more people like the original team. Having this legacy continue and having the torch being passed on to a younger bunch makes sense. These new guys and gal are bringing such great charisma and something fresh that we haven’t seen before. I enjoyed their on-screen presence a lot. I cannot wait to see what these new additional members will do next and it gets me excited for the future of the franchise.

Laughing throughout, I began to realize that I have really become a big Jackass fan more than ever. As someone who basically grew up with the franchise, I’ve become more accepting of their wild antics. Living life, I seen some wild stuff and these movies have always pushed my limits of what I can truly witness. It boggles my mind that they can come up with so many inventive and creative ways they can hurt and torture each other. I can’t help but applaud their creative minds and the what they have written for stunts that they were able to pull off. These stunts are massive at times and it takes a lot of precision to pull them off. One wrong mistake and the stunt is over or in many cases, people can get hurt. Like the warning says at the very beginning of the movie these stunts are done by professionals. This is a fact. They are truly professionals in what they do and I’m happy to see that they were able to find more crazy people to carry on the tradition. I would not be surprised if this movie does well, we will hear of a new movie being announcement very soon!

Overall this movie brings what the fans want. It’s the same jokes that we all grew up on and taken to another level. Fans of the franchise will not be disappointed and they will fall in love with the new crew in my opinion. For someone who grew up on this franchise, I left the theater with a smile on my face. We live in the time of the requels, reboot sequels, and I’m here for it. We get a nice send off of the original team and an introduction to what is yet to come. There was also a great tribute to Ryan Dunn which was a very touching. The movie comes out this Friday Feb 4th! If you can’t handle nudity, violence, vomiting and much more, please stay away from this movie. You will literally have the worst time in the world. If you can handle all of that and are fans of the Jackass chaos, you need to check this one out! This is one made for the fans and it will be a blast to watch with your friends.

Score: 86/100

Photos Courtesy of Paramount Pictures


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