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Honey Boy: Shia LaBeouf is Amazing

This movie is absolutely amazing for so many different reasons! Let's begin with the story itself. It's about a kid actor who has a less than normal dad helping him with his career at such a young age. This is absolutely a coming to age story. The best part is that this movie is based on the real life story of Shia LaBeouf when he was a kid. He also plays his dysfunctional father in this movie. His acting is oscar worthy and it is a shame that he did not get the recognition he deserved. Everyone in this movie did an amazing job. The acting makes this movie very realistic and very gritty, You feel like your watching real people. That makes the story even that more tragic knowing that Shia went through all this. I can never see Even Stevens show the same way again. This is now currently streaming on Amazon Prime and highly recommend everyone to go check it out. You will not be disappointed.


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