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Heretic Trailer Release by A24!

Heretic Poster

Synopsis: Two young missionaries are forced to prove their faith when they knock on the wrong door and are greeted by a diabolical Mr. Reed, becoming ensnared in his deadly game of cat-and-mouse.

A24 has released a brand new trailer for another highly anticipated horror film from this beloved production company. My goodness, it looks amazing! Heretic appears to be the next great horror film that offers a lot of mystery. I can't contain my excitement for this movie and the potential twists it may provide. Fortunately, the trailer reveals a good amount of the story, but it doesn't give away what awaits us on this journey.

Bryan Woods and Scott Beck, who co-directed the movie Haunt, seem to have created a darker tone in Heretic. Fans of Haunt, will be delighted to learn that a sequel is in the works as well, with no set release date. Known for their horror and brutality, Woods and Beck worked as a writers on the films The Boogeyman and A Quiet Place 1 and 2. There history in the genre will without a doubt be showcased in this movie. The most surprising element for me, is the casting of Hugh Grant, as the main antagonist in Heretic. Hugh Grant effortlessly shows menace in the trailer, promising a stellar performance for all us. The film also stars Sophie Thatcher (The Boogeyman) and Chloe West (The Fablemans) as the leads, which ensembles a talented cast, that is sure to captivate audiences. Visually stunning, the movie appears to be meticulously crafted. A cat and mouse game in a labyrinth of tunnels just seems like fun. As shown in the trailer, there is a heavy emphasize on religious themes in the title and plot. I might be the only one in this opinion, but horror and religion contrast so well and I can't wait to see how it all plays out. A sadistic maze with trials of belief sounds so intriguing that I'm already fully invested. Let me know your thoughts!

Watch The Trailer Here!


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