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Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Reunion! Movie Review

Fresh Prince is a tv show that stole the hearts of so many people. With six seasons and about 150 episodes, people grew up on it. It’s a show that also does not shy away from talking about important topics and themes. This reunion is set 30 years later and it’s an amazing film to reflect back on some iconic moments. I’ll be honest and say that I have only seen random episodes of this show and not seen a full season. They were able to bring back almost every single member of the show back for this as well. This reunion special has got me hooked enough that I will be watching every episode in the near future.

The beautiful thing about this reunion is seeing the real life connection all these actors have with one another. You can tell that even though some of them haven’t talked to each other in years, they still love each other. There is a strong bond that we as the viewers can absolutely see. The way they interact in this reunion is like seeing family members going through a photo album. The reunion goes through many key moments such as auditions, memorable scenes and tributes to two specific individuals. This film shows moments of empathy, life advice, redemption and even forgiveness. Of course there are some scenes that looked a little staged, but most of their interactions seemed very organic. The conversations are engaging and they had a decent amount of content. It shows how they ran the show and a lot of things that happened behind the scenes. There are moments of laughter, reflection and crying. These moments show the personality of the person rather then the character they played. Will Smith was an excellent host as well. 

My final thoughts! Overall this reunion was a special experience to see the characters we love, connect again. It honestly put tears in my eyes in a few moments as well. It’s a very touching film that highlights important key moments of the show and how it impacted our society. It highlights that the show invited the viewer in and are part of the experience and magic the show delivered. The topics discussed in the show that they breakdown are also relevant now as it was 30 years ago. The show itself and the reunion can be played on HBO Max and highly recommend those who have the streaming service to check it out!


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