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Freaky Movie Review

Freaky is a movie about a serial killer who switches bodies with a high school teenage girl. What a premise right!?! This movie is a “Freaky Friday” with horror elements. Once I heard about this movie, I was ecstatic to watch it! The movie comes from director of "Happy Death Day”, Christopher Landon. Which “Happy Death Day” was a spin-off of the whole “Groundhogs Day” type of movie with a horror element. This movie stars Vince Vaughn as the killer and Kathryn Newton as the high school girl. When this movie was in early production, people had thought that this movie may have been a Scream Reboot. Later in August of 2019 this movie was finally announced and we got our premise. It was told by Christopher Landon that this movie got its inspiration from many slashers including “Scream” which is funny. The movie started to make its rounds in early October at some film festivals, then later in theaters in November and eventually to VOD on December 4th 2020.

This movie is such a thrill ride! I have to say that this film was one of the best films I've seen all year. Is it a perfect film, no but it's a blast! The most fun I had watching a movie hands down. The main reason why this movie is so amazing, is the blend of comedy and horror throughout the film. There is an awesome balance of scares and laughs within the movie. It gives you the spooks when needed and the laughs when appropriate. There are a lot of parts of this movie that seem familiar from our beloved horror movie classics. It's almost like a love letter to past slasher films while having a new element in the mix, which is the body swap of the two individuals. Speaking of these two, they absolutely smash it in their roles. The amount of range that Kathryn and Vince have on the screen is unbelievable. It's a blast to see a high school girl go on a murderous rampage while a grown ass man is acting like the high school girl. They pull it off so well that it felt organic and believable. The kills in this movie is also so fantastic and creative. It is brutal and unforgiving in the best way possible. Horror fans are absolutely gonna adore this movie!

Overall this movie is a fun watch and has a little bit of everything you would want in a horror comedy. That being said, there is some originality to this movie but also has a lot of things we have seen before. The movie does a great job at being self aware of itself and what it wants to be, which is important. This is a movie to have popcorn fun feeling and doesn’t really have a deeper meaning. It's pure enjoyment and light hearted. The characters are super relatable and sometimes over the top which works well for it. Kathryn and Vince make this movie great! They had such great chemistry and all of their screen time in the movie was magnificent. There could be more moments of character development to care for the characters a little more, but that is me just being a little critical on the film. Overall it was a great watch and I highly recommend fans of horror movies to check this one out. You will not regret it. Also know that it is available to rent right now at the comfort of your home. So get Freaky at home and let me know your thoughts.

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