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Fall (Full Review)

I’m terrified of heights and going into this movie had me shaking in fear. Fall is about two best friends who climb a 2000 foot radio tower, only to get stuck up at the very top of it. The movie premise is simplistic enough to follow and it did have a few twists that were spread throughout the short run time. The movie starts pretty cookie cutter beginning with a tragic event that happens to our main character Becky, played by Grace Caroline Currey, which makes her never climb again. That’s until a year later her best friend Hunter, played by Virginia Gardner, persuades her to face her fear on this new epic climb. The movie doesn’t provide anything too original, but it is safe to say that the tensions stay at a very tall height. This is where the movie succeeds. The tension and suspense in the movie works very well. At the start of the movie, the special effects falls flat, but at the radio tower, the special effects look really well done. The acting stays strong for the most part, but it unravels in some crucial scenes that took me out of the movie.

The radio tower is a great location for this story and really what keeps this whole movie interesting. It had me hooked. The tower looks great in the aspect of it looking unsafe, old, rusted and falling apart. This is what creates the tension throughout the movie. The sound design is impeccable. You can really hear every sound coming off of the tower and the cinematography was well crafted. Atmosphere was believable and it truly felt like you were up there with the characters. Especially with someone that is afraid of heights, this movie really plays on that fear. This is where the special effects really shined and it did feel real. The score of the movie is pretty well executed with the tone of the movie. It added a lot of value to the suspense. I do like the Madison Beer song as well that gets played. Overall the theme of doing what we love is spread throughout the story. There is a really good phrase they say at the beginning of the movie, which I really liked too. The whole movie genuinely follows this saying to heart and tells a great life lesson that the audience can take home. I won't spoil what the phrsase is because it gets said very well in the movie and audiences will know what I'm talking about.

The twists throughout the movie are interesting and it does take the movie into a more original approach. If it wasn’t for the twists in the movie, it would be just another survive in a place that you are stuck, type of story. Although the twists aren’t too amazing, it still provides something unexpected. At times the movie does go in some dark places that shocked me. There are definitely moments of dread and some psychological mind bending scenes. I do have to say the makeup and costume design is top tier. The characters looked like they have indeed been up on that tower for several days. The cast looked pale, dehydrated and even sickly in some of the scenes. This allowed the movie to feel like they were on a time crunch.

There are some things in Fall that didn’t really work for me. I thought the acting was strong for the most part. There were times where some of the jokes and dialogue just didn’t work for me. Some of the character decisions had me so mad as well. I know that some of it was to make fun of “influencer’ culture, but it made me not like one of the characters. The good thing is that it doesn’t play a huge part in the movie. When there was that danger happening, the acting was very believable and everything seemed very genuine. There is a sequence with vultures that was ok as well, but it felt unnecessary and needed.

Fall is a fun and entertaining watch. There are great moments of tension and suspense that will have a lot of people on the edge of their seat. The score and sound design was captivating and draws you in. Although it starts with a lackluster opening scene, due to visual effects, the rest of the movie really improves. Poor character choices and dialogue do fall flat at times, but overall the cast does a great job. This movie is perfect for those who want a quick movie that deals with surviving. I love the aspect of the theme of doing what you love and facing your fears. There is some great messages in this movie that I do think are valuable. There’s nothing groundbreaking in this movie, but still worth a watch. Definitely the best way to watch this movie is on the big screen. Fall is a ride worth hopping on, but not worth waiting in line for. Still would recommend this one.

Written By: Frederick Nuti



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