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Doctor Says I Need Sleep

Doctor Sleep is one of the biggest surprises for me for 2019. This trailer for this movie looked amazing but I told myself that this movie is not necessary. Why make a sequel after so many years "The Shining" came out. That was like 40 years ago! Well I'm happy to say this movie was one of my favorites of last year and one of the best horror movies in a long time. This movie went to places most studios would be scared to go. They take a lot of big risks and it pays off. This movie is super long and you barely feel it because the pacing is fantastic. The cast is soooo good too. Ewan McGregor who plays the adult version of the kid in "The Shining" was perfect casting in my opinion. Rebecca Ferguson absolutely steals the show and has a huge performance in this movie. It's been years after the incident at the hotel and there is a lot more story to be told. I really appreciated this movie for what it was and is a standalone movie. There are a lot of fan service as well of course but this movie has it's own story. Kyliegh Curran plays the young girl Abra and she will get many roles after this movie. Can't wait to see more stuff with her in it. If you like a movie with a lot of suspense, thrilling scenes, scary moments, and has a good story, this movie is for you!


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