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Cutting Tension With Knives Out

Well first off, do you see how many good actors are in this movie. That alone grabbed my interest. I did worry when I heard that Rian Johnson was directing because of his last movie though. Also this seemed like a movie that we have all have seen before called "Clue". I'm so glad that I was wrong about this director and the premise. Although it's another whodunnit type of movie, this still presented a new way of delivering it. The breakout stars in this movie has to be Daniel Craig and Ana de Armas. Daniel Craig is hired to solve the murder within the family and he killed it at the role. You can truly tell when an actor is having fun with his role and boy was he. Ana de Armas is amazing in everything she does. She is a great lead protagonist throughout this movie and you're constantly rooting for her. The great thing about this movie is that there are so many twist and turns. I love that they made this genre so fresh when they could have played it safe. Rian Johnson did a great job in directing a funny, clever, thought provoking movie. There is already a sequel in the works and I cannot wait.


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