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Cuphead: The Art!

No one can argue the fact that the artwork is absolutely gorgeous in this game! If you are a fan of old school cartoons especially the ones from the 1930's, this game is made for you. This was the main factor of why this game became so popular when it was first got announced back in 2014. At that time, the game was in development for four years. The creators of the game wanted to make sure this game looked perfect which also caused it to get pushed back several times. The art style was inspired by a handful of different cartoons as well. The most popular of which was Betty Boop and Popeye! This is why the game feels so familiar yet also unique!

There is one thing that makes the art even more great! That is the fact that everything was hand-drawn! This probably was the main reason why this game was delayed so many times. The creators knew that wanted to make something special and they wanted to have a certain look in the game. The only way they knew how to make that possible, was to do everything by hand and then digitalize the work. Capturing the style that they did, deserves a lot of praise in general and they were for sure recognized for their hard work. Countless hours were spent crafting this game and they nailed it.

The main characters were perfectly designed to be lovable and charismatic. The bosses and their many forms were done so well! Each and every boss looked aesthetically pleasing! All of the characters were super amazing to look at and there were no weak standouts. This game perfectly portrayed the vision of the creators. It deserves all the praise it got and hope it gets continues to gain attention for many years. Have you all played this game yet? Let me know on Twitter @NutiFrederick.


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