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Color Out Of Space: Quick Review

This movie was completely unique and is absolutely bonkers. If you love HP Lovecraft and those type of movies, this film is right up your alley. I don’t recommend the casual movie goer to watch this. Instead, this movie is more for the horror movie fans! Nicolas Cage is as entertaining as ever in this movie. It is about a family having to deal with a mysterious object that falls from space, causing absolute mayhem. From the score to the visuals, this film brings a new fresh look into the long list of Nicolas Cage films. The movie has stunning visuals that are both beautiful and some some that are just haunting. If you like sci-fi movies that dive deep into horror elements such as body horror, this is a film was made for you. There are some amazing creature designs in this movie! The colors in this movie feel very unearthly which is kind of the point and transports you into this whacky world. The best part of this movie is indeed Nicolas Cage. This is another film where we see him go completely crazy within his performance in the best way possible. Color Out Of Space is one of those movies that will stick in your mind for a long time. Performances from the rest of the family are top notch and you truly feel connected to the characters. Overall this movie was a lot of fun to watch. Not a perfect movie, but an enjoyable one for sure. Plus there are Alpacas! The movie is available to stream on Shudder. A service that continues to have amazing movies in their collection. Make sure to check out this crazy ride of a movie.


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