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Christmas Bloody Christmas (Full Review)

It's the holiday season and it is time to get cozy and warm by the fireplace. Time for some hot cocoa and wait for Santa to come bring joy to all the children of the world. It's a great time for joy and glee with our favorite Christmas movies. This week I was able to check out a new film and its fucking bloody, action packed and one of the best horror films of the year. That’s right, I said it. Christmas Bloody Christmas, directed by Joe Begos, is the bloody star on top of the Christmas tree, that brings so much joy to my eyeballs. One of the best holiday horror films in existence and overall such an enjoyable murderous sleigh ride. This is one that many people should check out this holiday season and not miss.

The movie consists of a premise that’s simple and straight forward, which works perfectly. A murder hungry robotic Santa, is on the hunt for victims and has a thirst for blood. As we follow two main protagonist, Tori (Riley Dandy) and Robbie (Sam Delich), we see mayhem around every corner. What makes this movie so great though, is the on screen chemistry these two characters have. I can’t help to think that I would love to be best friends with them. Every line of dialogue seems so realistic, genuine and organic. Some side characters don’t connect as well, but the focus of the film is on these two. Riley Dandy is an amazing actress and had so much power in this movie. She easily became one of the year’s best final girls, if not ever. She blew me away and it was such a blast seeing her face off the terminator like Santa Claus. I was able to immediately connect with them and enjoyed the back and forth conversations about music and movies. I think it helped that I love all the things they love. For audiences that don't like the same things they do, they will still be able to connect with their likable charisma and charm. That's the beautiful thing about this movie, it has so much damn charm.

There are a few things that are necessary for a holiday horror film to work in my option. One of the biggest things, is the look and feel of the holidays. This movie has gorgeous holiday colors throughout. The set design and holiday decor were perfectly placed all over. A small snowy town filled with decorations, was the perfect setting. The next thing that I like to have in horror film, in general, are likable characters. I believe that this is the strongest element of the movie. I was able to quickly attach to them and care about their wellbeing. Huge shoutout to the script and acting capabilities of the actors. The last thing that I love about the holiday horror films that I think is necessary, is a good villain. The robotic Santa strongly gave me Terminator vibes immediately. A unstoppable force that keeps coming, no matter what you throw at it. Christmas Bloody Christmas hits all the boxes for me and even gives so much more. I also think it’s going to on the best streaming platform for it and found its perfect home on Shudder. Horror fans will absolutely fall in love with this movie.

Director Joe Begos is a filmmaker I truly admire. He uses such clever camera tricks and executes with such great precision when it comes to story telling. He knows exactly how to tell a compelling story and make it a fun wild ride. This horror film brings so much joy to me and I think everyone can take away something from it. It has a perfect runtime and I could have watched a ton more. This movie is brutal and relentless. It goes places I didn't think it would go. The movie is filled with surprises and twists and turns. I would love to see if they decide to make a sequel or for this director to make more incredible holiday horror films. It is a genre that has so much rewatchability and can be a yearly watch for many. I know I will be watching this yearly. Do not miss out on this one. In theaters and on Shudder December 9th.

Reviewed By: Frederick Nuti

Rating: 89/100

Images provided by Shudder


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