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Catch Me Saying Bad Words! (Spoilers)

Have no bad words to say about this movie. When I was recommended this movie I knew this was a comedy. I had no idea that this movie was also a drama hidden within a comedy movie. This movie is full of surprises. The movie is about a grown man that joins a national spelling bee going against a bunch of little kids. The movie stars and is also directed by Jason Bateman who perfectly crafts this movie to be a part of those two genres. The look of this movie throughout feels like a serious drama piece. This is a movie that explores a new way to do story telling. A drama and a comedy is a weird mix that should not really work together. He made this movie work. Also I don't think I've seen a movie recently that made me laugh out loud several times. This humor is brutal and very bold at times. When the movie needs to be serious, it totally does and it pulls on your heart strings.

Let's tap about the acting in this movie. Jason Bateman is such a underrated actor in the industry in my opinion. I started to see as a good actor in the tv show Ozark. This movie actually came out before that show and I wish I saw this movie earlier. I give this man so much respect. Kathryn Hahn is one of the funniest actresses in the game and she was amazing in this movie. Without spoiling anything the whole "Don't look at me" line that she does, had me dying. The young actor Rohan Chand plays the main little kid in the spelling bee and he was a surprisingly good actor as well. I don't think there was any tea performances in this movie. When it came to all of the comedic moments in the movie, they all landed the jokes perfectly. When it came to slow down the movie and become more serious, they nailed it. The cast was amazing and they were all super likable characters.

The story of this movie is super original and I haven't see anything like this be done. Of course I will leave out any spoilers here and be very vague. The fact that the movie is about a grown man competing against a bunch of kids in spelling bee is hilarious to begin with. It reminded me a little bit about the movie "Dodgeball" where they go against the girl scouts. Kathryn's character is a reporter trying to get the story of why he's trying to compete in this competition. As the viewer we are like the reporter getting more and more details about Bateman's character. The more we learn about the reason why he is there the more invested you become on seeing how it is all going to end. The chemistry with all the characters worked extremely well and Bateman did a great job directing this movie. The movie never felt slow and it was really well paced and kept giving the viewer many surprises throughout.

Overall this movie had me laughing and also had me feeling some type of way. There is a great balance between two genres and I appreciate that. This was one of those comedy movies that felt well done too and wasn't made to just make money. The sad thing is that most comedy's now feel that way. This movie felt very personal to Jason Bateman and I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't get inspired by someone near him or himself. I would strongly recommend people to watch this movie and have a good laugh. Like always, stay safe and healthy during these crazy times. Hope you all are have a great day!!!


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