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Captain America: Winter Soldier (Spoilers)

This movie is by far one of my most favorite Marvel films to date. Most people think all Marvel movies are great because its a epic super hero movie. The nice thing about this movie, is that it's a great standalone movie in general. It is different than any other Marvel films that we have seen in the past. This movie seems to be more like a spy thriller movie than a Marvel movie. The action of course is still very much epic and there are some great super hero moments, but it's much more than that. This is a movie about a specific character and their journey of doing what is right. Captain America played by Chris Evans has a lot of self discovery in this movie. A character piece that is directed by the Russo Brothers and this is the movie that got them noticed to do more movies for Marvel Studios. Without this movie, we would have had other directors for Avengers main finale. This was the foundation of what we would see in the later years!

Let's talk about the plot and how amazing it is. We start off with a great mission sequence of Captain America and Black Widow rescuing Shield Agents on a boat taken over by a group of baddies. With this scene we are shown how far Captain America has gotten with his skills and abilities. He Jumps out of plane with no parachute, runs super fast, and takes out bad guys like it's nothing. Later on we learn that there was actually another hidden agenda that Nick Fury was involved in. Soon after we find out that people within in Shield actually are actually Hydra agents. An espionage movie within the Marvel Cinematic Universe that works really well. It leads to Fury getting shot and presumed dead and Captain America on the run with Black Widow to get find out who is behind all of this. That's when we find out that Fury's assassin is Bucky Barnes! Yes that is Captain America's best friend who we thought was dead. With incredible cinematography and great action scenes, this movie plot has great pacing throughout. This movie does not skip a beat.

Captain America: Winter Soldier also changed the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a very big way. Not only does it set a path of the future for Marvel films but also makes us look back at the past at the older movies. We see a lot of recurring characters throughout the films such as Fury and Culson. There were other Shield agents that played minor roles that were actually hidden Hydra spies. I love that fact that they were planning the reveal of hidden Hydra agents from almost the very beginning. This just shows how well Marvel is in planning out their films. For future films, they now have to deal with not having Shield around and figure out what's next. This led to a domino effect and created so many great movies dealing with this issue. Overall I think that this Marvel film is overlooked and needs to get more attention. Let me know what you all think about this movie or the Marvel movies in general via my social links.


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