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Anxiety is an Uncut Gem!

Uncut Gems is a film by the Safdie Brothers and it is absolutely incredible. I have never felt so much anxiety in a movie in such a long time. This movie will keep you on the edge of your seat from the very beginning. The story is about a gambler and jeweler played by Adam Sandler who is on the quest in winning it big. He takes many risks throughout the entire movie which could cost him everything. You see how addicted he is in trying to score big. This movie is spaced incredibly well and it feels like a never ending mess in a good way. As the character scrambles to get everything done, you just feel for the this man. Adam Sandler gives his best performance in his entire career. These directors really know how to make a movie. This was as perfect of a film as they could have made it. The movie remained very realistic and gritty throughout and it felt very real. That's the scary part. This movie is a most watch if you like indie movies with a really good story.

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